Jogoya KL @ Starhill Gallery

29 11 2007
Went Jogoya KL on 28th November 2007 for dinner as they are having promotion. It is located at Starhill Gallery, Relish Floor and the restaurant has 580 seatings. Ladies will get 50% discount while gents will receive a complimentary King Prawn dish. However I found that the tax for ladies is based on the original price which is RM 88. For gents, the price including government tax and service charge is RM 101.20. It’s worth the price though as the food there is extremely delicious!!!
What’s special about this restaurant is they offer a wide range of cuisine which includes Dim Sum, Handroll Sushi, Teppanyaki, Deep Fried, BBQ, French Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Soups, Ice Cream, Cookies and Cakes!!! A lot of people are also fighting over the coconut drink. A man even argued with a woman there saying that she took too many coconuts. The place for 2 is not so nice though cos you’ll be facing a wall while eating. I personally don’t like this feeling although some people will think that it means you don’t need to see other people eating and they won’t see you too.
About the food, the sushi is very tasty because it’s made of fresh ingredients especially the salmon! The tempura is extremely crunchy too but make sure you’re fast or you won’t have the chance to grab it. The French cuisine also made my saliva drooling. The cheese is very special because you can feel it melt in your mouth as soon as you put it in. Very different from the cheese you eat at Pizza Hut. As for the oyster, I warn you not to eat those large size ones because it tastes like Pulau Ketam’s sea water. I personally think that the teppanyaki style of fried bean sprouts is not that tasty as well probably because I don’t like to eat sour food and they put vinegar on the bean sprouts. As dessert, I had marshmallows, marble cookie, sunflower seed cookie, strawberry mochi (which is similar to Chinese’s ‘lo mai chi’), chololate chip cookie and brownie. YUMMY! Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to eat their Haagen Dazs ice cream.
Another special thing about them is you need to place your order on certain food such as Teriyaki Prawn, Teriyaki Chicken, Deep Fried Squid and Cod Fish. Just place the clippers with your table number into the bowls and they will prepare the food and deliver it to your table.
One thing lacking about them is that it’s hard to find a straw and beverage cup!! We have to reuse our cup if we wanna have another kind of drink. Yeeee…. I hate mixing drinks.

Be sure to go there earlier because you still need to queue up to pay and get your seats even if you have made reservation.
FYI, price is as below:
Brunch – RM 78++ (Weekdays: 11.30am-1.40pm, Weekends: 11am-2pm)
Lunch – RM 68++ (Weekdays: 1.40pm-4.20pm, Weekends: 2pm-4.20pm)
Dinner – RM 88++ (Weekdays: 5pm-9.30pm, Weekends: 5pm-9.30pm)
Supper – RM 78++ (Weekdays: 9.30pm-1am, Weekends: 9.30pm-1am)
For reservation, kindly call: 03-21421268 (pls be reminded that their hotline can be very ‘HOT’!)



4 responses

29 11 2007
April Cheong

The most disappointing part of the whole dinner would be the ice cream cos we totally forgot about it. So din get to taste any ice cream…sweat

10 12 2007

ive alwiz wanted 2 try but so expensive 😦

13 12 2007
lil' piggy

girls got 50% discount now!

9 12 2010
weng kiat

may i know what is the number of this restaurant ?

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