S.H.E 2007 Concert @ Stadium Merdeka KL

9 12 2007
S.H.E Poster
Got hold of a free seating ticket worth RM 103 from my boss’s friend who works for the organizer to watch S.H.E’s concert at Stadium Merdeka on 1st December 2007. Not a big fan of S.H.E actually, I like their songs but won’t have the urge to meet them haha… But it’s a a valuable experience as this is the first time I went to a concert! The loudness of the music can make your heartbeat beat along! But it’s a waste because we sat too far and we couldn’t even see S.H.E’s face. We can only see from the LCD screen which makes me feel like watching TV or going karaoke session because they do display the lyrics.
I guess the fun part is not at the singing. The fun part is where they do solo performances. Ella played drum (those big ones), Selina danced some sexy Latin dance and Hebe played drum during encore! It was so impressive!!!
The climax though, happened when they sang Beyond’s Cantonese song, ‘Qing Yan’ (Lover). This is the second time they sand it in concert since Hong Kong. When they asked their fans to sing for them, everyone sang loudly but when they asked them to sing their own song, not much people know (oops!)The concert went on for 3 hours (8pm-11pm). Luckily it’s not that jam on the way home. I had gastric because I don’t have time to eat my dinner before getting there. And being a first timer to concert, I didn’t know we’re not supposed to bring water and camera inside so I ended up drinking water outside the stadium before I’m allowed to go in.



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10 12 2007

i tot they sell drinks at the stadium ? they hiked up the price wan…

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