How Environmental Friendly Are You?

27 12 2007
Ask yourself: How environmental friendly are you? What have you done to conserve the environment? OK my purpose today is not to give a lecture here but it’s good to know you can actually do something to conserve the environment.

What are the little things you can do to conserve the environment? I’m not going to ask you to collect your rubbish and categorize it and then send it to recycle. I know most of us won’t do it. Me neither.

What I did is reuse paper that still can be used. E.g. you printed something on just one side and the other side is still white or there’s still white spaces on the paper, so I’ll write on the white spaces until they’re full and then put it together with the newspapers that my grandmother will sell. Besides that, I also minimize usage of plastic bags. I’ll either bring a big bag with me so that I can stuff everything into it or just take one plastic bag and stuff all my things inside. Another thing is, just don’t throw rubbish everywhere. Bring it back home and throw into your own rubbish bin.

Let’s contribute a little in saving the world šŸ™‚ Peace!




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