Christmas Celebration at Piccolo Mondo @ Mid Valley Megamall

30 12 2007
My gang of 5 friends and I went to Mid Valley’s Piccolo Mondo to celebrate Christmas and exchange our gifts since we’ve never been there before and so we decided to give it a try. The 4 of us ordered our food while waiting for the other friend. We ordered a set of roasted chicken, one quadro pizza and 4 sky juice. A friend of mine complained that their special menu for Christmas and New Year has very few selections. Plus, it’s photostated! It made the restaurant looks cheap. The other friend came 5 minutes later and ordered pasta and cappuccino. We’ve waited for almost 15 minutes for our sky juice but it didn’t come until we requested again for twice.

Since we’re sitting quite near the kitchen, we heard that many customers are cancelling their order. The food we ordered earlier came at a reasonable time range which is around 15 minutes. The pizza and roasted chicken were good too. However, my friend’s pasta did not come even though all the food on our table is finished. When it finally arrived, we all wanted to try the pasta because it smells really delicious. After the few of us tried, we found that the pasta is still not cooked yet (and there are a lot of empty clam shells too). So we complained to a waitress there and she asked whether we wanted a new one or we wanted them to re-cook the pasta. So we said we wanted a new one. After 5 minutes, the pasta arrived. Imagine that! The first plate took 30 minutes and the second one only took 5 minutes. Who would believe it’s a new one? We also found that the portion of pasta is same as the one we asked them to took back (each of us ate a mouthful so the quantity is lesser). OK that’s fine with us but the problem is it’s still not cooked yet again! And it has gotten oilier too.Then, my friend requested to see the manager. A guy who claimed he’s the manager came and helped us to change for the second time (God bless us). But we were even more disappointed to find that the taste has totally ruined and it’s even oilier than before after the second change! Even the first plate’s taste is better.

The oily pasta….

….and the clamless clam shell!

So my friend requested to see the manager again. Another guy came. It seems that the guy earlier isn’t a manager after all. He apologized and suggested that we cancel the pasta and order a pizza to avoid disappointment. So we agreed. Finally problem is solved. No doubt their pizza is nice but their pasta and customer service is bad. Last problem is they did not cancel the pasta! I only realized that after I paid with my credit card so I have to wait for them to void the transaction and issue another new transaction before we can really leave…

About the gift exchange, LH bought PS a hand phone stand, Christine bought KL a hand phone stand (what a coincidence!), PS bought me a solar energy doll, KL bought LH a color changing snowman (cool!) and I bought Christine a USB eye massager (quite cool too :p). PS, LH and I bought our presents at Action City (another coincidence!). Take a look at our cool presents!

And these are my other presents! A Ralph Lauren perfume, Sasa’s RM 10 voucher and socks!




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