Trust Men No More

8 01 2008

Human keeps on changing day by day… Your friends, family and everyone around you can’t escape either… Especially men. Men always say women changes their mind very fast. It might be true, but they’ll never know that men’s heart changes faster than women.Within a month, I’ve been betrayed by the only 2 men that I trust. I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t put hope, trust and expectation on anyone to avoid feeling disappointed in the future. No man is trustable. I’ve already learnt this statement long time ago but I thought there were exceptions so I didn’t apply it on ‘some’ guys. But it turned out to be 100% applicable to any man. I know men who read this would be furious but nothing can be done to change my mind. Once a trust is broken, it wouldn’t be easy to regain that level of trust anymore. Any sort of excuses are only treated as entertainment and a lesson to know what kind of noble answers they would give you when questioned.

The last point: Never Doubt My Sixth Sense

The Betrayed Signing Off….




One response

25 01 2008

… nice one….
well… i have noting to said actually coz i am a man.. =p
no frustrated… no hard feeling…
but.. duno why.. this phrase ==> “men’s heart changes faster than women” …
hope i can apply that phrase… if i can apply that phrase.. i wont be that suffer already….

ney way.. HARLOW~!!! guess that still remember me rite? =P

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