Malaysia’s 12th General Election Chaos

2 03 2008

Finally the election fever is here!!! It’s the first time I’ll be going as a voter and I’m a bit excited about it. Just a bit. The most exciting thing is to look at what the competing parties do in order to get more votes from the people. As usual, we will see a lot of dramas happening around our neighborhood such as potholes being fixed, public buildings being painted…and the list goes on… It’s not that the potholes are not fixed during usual times but I noticed that the way they fix it is different this time. Usually, tar is covered only on the pothole itself and usually the pothole is visible again after a week. But now, it covered a bigger area, even on the areas without pothole. A good job they did, but I guess everyone knows the purpose of this ‘drama’ and won’t be fooled by this pre-election effort…

Another obvious thing I realized is of course the battle of banners… Some are even so ‘strategically placed’ that it obstructed the view of drivers!! We have to look at the banners everytime we check on the traffic… another good job done. It funny to see how they fight for votes though. Some of the party purpose put their banners slightly on top of their opponent’s and some even put them on top! Some make bad remarks about their opponents on their banners as well but in my opinion, it’s better if you make remark of your own advantages instead of making remark of your opponent’s disadvantages. I did receive a booklet through mail from a party’s candidate on how he contributed to the society. This is a very impressive way to campaign. It’s very new to me because they must have spent a lot for campaigning like this. Some richer parties even advertise themselves in the newspaper and TV.

I guess that’s all for now. Hopefully the party I wanted to win will win. Don’t forget to make a wise decision for a better tomorrow. You will only know whether they are making empty promises after you have tried and tested them.

P/S: Oh by the way, I hate politics. It’s full of drama and you won’t know who’s really right or wrong.




One response

2 03 2008

“Hopefully the party I wanted to win will win” <– will u use ur birthday wish for that? I guess u wont wasted ur wish lidat gua… hahaha.. neway, Happy Voting to you!

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