Manicure at Madaline Nails and Waxing Salon by Glitters

4 07 2008

Two weeks ago, I went to The Gardens Mid Valley’s CRES for a facial. On my way out, I saw this nail salon beside it having a promotion (RM 30 for manicure) so I decided to have one since my last manicure is already more than 2 months. Only when I went into the salon that I realized it was by Glitters. I previously went to the branch at 1 Utama but the space is very small. The manicurist told me that they did not use the name Glitters because there’s a Glitters Cafe there and postmen always mix up between these two shops.

After all the nail buffering, cuticle removing etc., I decided to choose Divine as my nail color. Since this is Designer Series which contains Diamond Dust, I have to add another RM 5 for it. Check out the photo to see how the color looks like! It shimmers like rainbow dust! I might try blue color next time :p

Nail - Divine

Nail - Divine

By the way, Madaline Nails and Waxing Salon by Glitters is located at the 4th floor (Cocoon section) of The Gardens. Reservations are needed during weekend to avoid disappointment. Reservation no.: 03-2282 8813.




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