How to Fix “Resource is out of sync with the file system” in Eclipse

28 08 2008

This error occurs when you edit a workbench resource outside of Eclipse.
To fix this problem, right click the project or edited resource and select “Refresh”.
If you edit outside of Eclipse a lot, you can enable auto-refresh by going to Window->Preferences menu, then in the Preferences dialog box, select General->Workspace.
Check the “Refresh automatically” box.



11 responses

22 09 2008

This solved my problem 😀

7 06 2009

Yes! This solved my problem to 😉

24 07 2009

Great! Thanks!

11 08 2009
Anders Tornvig

Thank you man.

12 02 2010

Thanks dude, it helped me!

6 10 2010

Thanks for this hint!!

24 08 2011

great, that worked !

2 09 2011

Thank buddy, I m wondering from 2 hour ro sort out this problem.
It help me a lot.

7 09 2011

Thanks a lot dude

28 10 2011

Thank You so much machi it works!

26 06 2012

didn’t solve my issue, I still can not get imported projects to appear. The job designs do not appear.

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