Solution to ‘Unable to Create an Instance of the Java Virtual Machine’ for JDeveloper

6 08 2009

If you receive an error message like this when you’re opening JDeveloper, here’s the fix for it.

Error message: Unable to Create an Instance of the Java Virtual Machine Located at Path ..\..\jdk\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll

Solution 1: Copy jvm.dll file in jdk/jre/bin/client and paste to jdk/jre/bin/ojvm. Since ojvm folder has a file of the same name, make a backup of it first before you paste it so that you can revert back just in case it doesn’t work.

Solution 2: Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables and click ‘New’ on System variables.

Variable name: JRE_HOME

Variable value: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6


Introducing Glary Utilities

28 05 2008

Glary Utilities

Category Modules
Clean Up & Repair Disk Cleaner
Removes junk data from your disks and recovers disk space

Registry Cleaner

Scans and cleans up your registry to improve your system’s performance.

Shortcuts Fixer

Corrects the errors in your startmenu & desktop shortcuts

Uninstall Manager

Uninstalls programs completely that you don’t need any more

Optimize & Improve Startup Manager

Manages programs which run automatically on startup

Memory Optimizer

Monitors and optimizes free memory in the background

Context Menu Manager

Manages the context-menu entries for files, folders…

Privacy & Security Tracks Eraser

Erases all the traces, evidences, cookies, internet history and more

File Shredder

Erases files permanently so that no one can recover them

File Undelete

Quick and effective way to retrieve accidentally deleted files

File Encrypter and Decrypter

Protects your files from unauthorized access and use.

Files & Folders Disk Analysis

Shows you the disk space usage of your files and folders

Duplicate Files Finder

Searches for space-wasting and error producing duplicate files

Empty Folders Finder

Finds and removes empty folders in your windows

File Splitter and Joiner

Splits large files into smaller manageable files, and then rejoin them.

System Tools Process Manager

Monitors programs that run on your PC and stop spyware and Trojans.

Internet Explorer Assistant

Manages Internet Explorer Add-ons and restores hijacked settings

Windows Standard Tools

Provides direct access to the useful windows default functions.

Basic functions are free but can also be upgraded to PRO version with a sum of money.

Get it here:

BIOS Beep Codes for Award BIOS

1 01 2008

1 long, 2 short – Video adapter error

Continual repetitive beep – Memory error

1 long, 3 short – No graphic card or bad video RAM

High frequency beeps – Overheated CPU

Repeating high/low beeps – CPU damaged or incorrectly seated

Useful websites:

Windows XP Fixes, Tips & Tweaks –

Windows Memory Diagnostic –