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18 07 2008

Yes, I’m back. Truth is, I’m always around but it’s just that I’m a procrastinator. I always wanted to write a lot of stuff here but all I did is THINK of what to write and yet I never really wrote. I promise to write more in the future (hehe… will anyone believe me?)

Office’s internet connection has been down since morning until 3pm. I even left my handphone at home. I feel so unreachable and thus went back home to take my handphone and check e-mails. A lot of phone call from clients! And I found that I can’t live without internet!

Thank God everything’s back to normal now 🙂


Smokers Stay Away! *cough cough*

31 03 2008

I know smokers who saw my article will curse me but I really need to voice up what I’m thinking. I’ve been hanging out with a smoker lately. Until now, I still don’t know what the benefits of smoking are. I know some people feel that smoking that relieve stress but I think many other things can be done in order to relieve stress such as playing games or have a drink and rest. Another theory that I’ve just found out is people smoke because they like the movements involved during smoking such as they way they hold cigarette. When they saw someone smoke, they will be tempted to smoke. But I guess this is all depends on that person’s self control. If a person is determined not to smoke, nothing can make them do it.

Thinking that smoking is equivalent to burning off your money can help you smoke less. Besides that, every smoker already knew smoking can lead to many sickness and diseases. What makes them continue doing that? Yes, I do agree some people who smoke few packets of cigarettes are still as healthy as before but do they think of the health of people around them? Being a second hand smoker has a higher risk of getting sickness than the smokers themselves. Won’t they feel guilty if their friend had any sickness because of him? These people are too selfish. I’ve even seen some parents smoking in front of their little kid. I really pity the kid. He/she is slowly killed by his/her parents. Another thing I cannot tolerate is smokers who still smoke when our environment is already covered with haze!!! As if the condition is not bad enough.

To me, it doesn’t matter how handsome a guy or how beautiful a girl is; as long as I saw him/her smoking, my impression towards them will go down to zero.

My nose is extremely sensitive to smoke. I felt as if I’ll be choked to death if I inhale anymore smoke. *cough cough*

I Love Working in Selangor!

21 01 2008
Hehehe I really love working in Selangor… why? Just because we get to have a lot of holidays that Wilayah Persekutuan is not going to have. Just like the coming Thaipusam on 23rd January! It’s currently a holiday in Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Penang only. The Indian community has requested that it is made a public holiday but no news about it yet. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this coming Wednesday! YOOHOO~~

Trust Men No More

8 01 2008

Human keeps on changing day by day… Your friends, family and everyone around you can’t escape either… Especially men. Men always say women changes their mind very fast. It might be true, but they’ll never know that men’s heart changes faster than women.Within a month, I’ve been betrayed by the only 2 men that I trust. I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t put hope, trust and expectation on anyone to avoid feeling disappointed in the future. No man is trustable. I’ve already learnt this statement long time ago but I thought there were exceptions so I didn’t apply it on ‘some’ guys. But it turned out to be 100% applicable to any man. I know men who read this would be furious but nothing can be done to change my mind. Once a trust is broken, it wouldn’t be easy to regain that level of trust anymore. Any sort of excuses are only treated as entertainment and a lesson to know what kind of noble answers they would give you when questioned.

The last point: Never Doubt My Sixth Sense

The Betrayed Signing Off….

Let’s Welcome 2008!

1 01 2008

Hi All,

Wishing all my friends and readers of my blog a very Happy New Year.
May your days be filled with joy, happiness, love, lots of money (haha!) and everything else in between!!

Li Ping